Want To Step Up Your Car Games? You Need To Read This First

Want To Step Up Your Car Games? You Need To Read This First

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After completing the examination of titles for the console that can be compared to flight simulators, even if with a marked imprint arcade, it is interesting to mention at least those PC titles that have formed in the nineties fierce competition to Flight Simulator. Pacific Strike Origin Systems, which also came out with an expansion game to give the speech, was set as 1942 Pacific Air War of the Microprose over the air and naval battles in the Pacific.

The second also included on the CD-ROM with a video track archive footage archive but the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and 3D models of Japanese and American aircraft have not had an acceptable level of detail. Red Baron 2 Sierra / Dynamix, Rear Wings of Glory from Origin Systems, was one of the most successful titles dedicated to the axes of the First World War who, with their fragile biplanes have always exercised a lot of charm on aviation enthusiasts. The DID Digital Image Design distributed by Ocean, has associated his name to the high-performance jet aircraft having developed TFX, Tactical Fighter Experiment, one of the first simulators for the new Eurofighter EF-2000 and its follow-EF-2000 with which hypothesized a number of possible operations where the new reactor could act not only attacking ground targets but also engaging enemy aircraft as the MiG-21 and MIG-29 "Fulcrum". In short, the game is to expect the future that comes true with the entry into service of the EF-2000 in the Royal Air Force, the Luftwaffe.

Another step back in time to remind Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe Lucas Arts, the company director and creator George Lucas's Star Wars saga, which has the merit of having treated one of the most fascinating topics in the history of aviation is to say that related to secret weapons and jet plane to the Luftwaffe. The simulator allows flying the aerospace plane Lucas Arts Me-163 "Komet", the Me-262 twin-jet aircraft and several others that have never crossed the sky as the Horten Ho-229.

Nova logic has reached us from a number of dedicated simulators for helicopters, tanks and all the 'F-22 "Raptor", shortly in service, but his name remains linked to the beautiful Delta Force-Black Hawk Down and all' Expansion Team Sabre, a title that takes place on the background of the disastrous U.S. intervention in Somalia in 1993 during which two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down during the hunt for the warlord, General "Aidid". And here is the video game is recent and tragic news.

In what is considered the best air force in the world, the IAF Israeli Air Force, or, Jane's Combat Simulations and Electronic Arts have been inspired for the same flight simulator war characterized by the adoption of an innovative graphics engine capable of reproducing the backgrounds and landscapes in real time just like in life digitizing satellite images. I.A.F. not limited to playback only the perfect 3D models of jet aircraft of the Jewish state but also the tactics of combat developed by the pilots, the use radar and firing of weapons on board for each specific aircraft. I.A.F. includes 7 aircraft maintained in a perfect: F-4E "Phantom" II F-4 2000, F-15A and C, F-16D, "Lavi", "Kfir", and "Mirage" IIICJ in addition to the "enemies "MIG-23 and MIG-29 Syrian multiplayer option.

By 1C: Maddox Games and distributed by Ubi Soft, arrived last IL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles and the action which, once well out Lock On: Air Combat Simulation, form a triad of competitive products, if not more than three Combat Flight Simulator of Microsoft Game Studios.

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